Exhibitor Profile

Factory Automation

  • Factory Automation Systems
  • Sensors and measuring equipment
  • Advanced Camera Technology 
  • Assembly and handling
  • Machine Vision
  • Laser Technology
  • Motion drives, servo drives, actuator drives
  • Assembly lines
  • Industrial image processing
  • Services for Factory Automation

Turnkey Solutions

  • For Industrial automation, assembly and handling technology
  • Electric motors, frequency converters and magnetic technology
  • Laser technology industrial image processing
  • System Integration
  • Production engineering for electrical engineering and electronics
  • Safety & security in automation
  • Turnkey system solutions in the field of industrial automation

Automotive/Transportation Industry Solutions  

·         CNC Machines / Centers

·         Metal Cutting Technology & Equipments

·         Paints Painting Equipment and Technologies

·         Robotics for Automotive Sectors

·         Automotive Manufacturing process

·         Assembly line automation

·         Product & Systems for Automotive Industry

·         Special Purpose Machines

·         Forging Technology

·         Precision Technology

·         IT Solutions

·         Airline Automation

·         Railway signaling Automation

·         Product Lifecycle Management

Process Automation & Control Systems

  • Process automation solutions
  • Complete flexible automated manufacturing plants
  • Control systems open and closed loop control systems for process automation
  • Identification systems, image processing systems for process automation
  • Monitoring, safety and SCADA systems for the process industry Process automation solutions and IT solutions
  • Integrated solutions for process optimization, statistical process control and data acquisition
  • System Integration
  • Field devices, components for process automation
  • Special process automation controls and individual controllers
  • Overall system planning and consultancy services (process automation)
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Alarm Systems for the process industry
  • Data acquisition systems for the process industry
  • Diagnosis systems for the process industry
  • Gas warning systems ( for combustible and toxic gases)
  • Industrial security systems for the process industry
  • Remote monitoring systems for the process industry
  • Field Control Instruments, Devices and Systems
  • SCADA Software for the process industry


  • Turnkey systems and complete systems for robotics
  • Articulated robots, hexapods, horizontal elbow-arm robots, Industrial robots of special design,
  • Liner robots
  • Micro robots
  • Portal robots
  • Swivel arm robots (SCARA Robots), Vertical elbow-arm robots
  • Application components for Industrial robots
  • Industrial robots-basic systems, industry applications, task-specific applications
  • Robot welding systems, System periphery for robots and robot controls

Electrical Systems

Industrial electrical Automation
Switchgear Products
Electronic Energy Meters

Power plant & MCC automation (Smart MCC)

·         Process Shut Down (PSD)

·         Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Systems

·         Burner Management Systems

Automation in Renewable Energy

  • Power station systems and power supplies systems
  • Automation systems for power supply technology
  • Power supply network monitoring and control systems
  • Surge protection, Automation in power transmissions
  • Wind/ Thermal/ Solar Nuclear Energy systems

Field Instrumentation

  • Motion drives, Servo drives, actuator drives
  • Analyzer systems and drive systems for actuators
  • Encoders
  • Drive systems and drive control units
  • Drive Control systems and technology
  • Drive units
  • Electrical Automation systems, components, products,

Bus and Wireless Technology

  • Industrial Networks
  • Wireless automation systems, Communications systems, data transmission systems
  • Optical data transmission
  • Wireless LAN Systems, field device tools
  • Wireless FIELDBUS, INTERBUS, MODBUS transfer systems
  • Bus Systems & BUS Components, Engineering and Software

Building Automation

  • Automation systems for building services technology, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, for lighting technology
  • Automation systems in building security and in structural fire protection
  • Building management systems and monitoring systems
  • Complete home automation, home automation systems
  • Project management services for Industrial Building Automation systems
  • Integrated automation solutions for Industrial Building Automation
  • Clean room technology
  • Measuring and Control systems for Industrial Building Automation
  • Building communications technology
  • Cables and lines for building automation and transmission equipment
  • Sensors and actuators for building automation
  • Software for building automation

Pumps, Valves & Compressors

  • Pumps & Valves
  • Pump drives and Pump safety relays
  • Fitting & Accessories
  • Compressors
  • Centrifugal Single Stage / Multi-Stage Pumps
  • Axial, Diagonal/s channels
  • Industrial Valves
  • Pipeline Valves
  • Marine Valves
  • Cryogenic Valves
  • Gas  Compressors

Gears, Motors and Controls

·         Right Angle Gear Boxes

·         Worm Gear Boxes

·         Industrial Gear Boxes

·         Clutches, Brakes

·         Sensors

·         Adjustable Speed Drives

·         Linear Motion Devices

·         Actuators, Gear Trains

·         Prime movers

·         Chemical & Lubricant Products

Bearing, Shafts & Couplings

·         Standard Bearings

·         Rolling Element Bearings 

·         Magnetic Bearings

·         Wind Power Generator Bearings

·         Automotive Drive Shafts

·         Vehicle Drive Shafts

·         Rigid Couplings

·         Spider or Jaw Couplings

·         Roller Chain & Sprocket Couplings 

·         Diaphragm

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

  • Water hydraulics and Oil Hydraulics
  • Plain bearings and anti-friction bearings
  • Pneumatics, Condition monitoring & Vibration reduction

Automation in the Automobile Industry

  • Assembly Automation
  • Automation in the body shop & Paint show