Mining & Minerals in India 2013


Minerals are valuable natural resources being the vital raw materials resources being the vital raw infrastructure capital goods, power & Basic industries.

In India only 2-3% of natural resources have been explored iron available resources. The major challenges of low level of exploration are lack of new & Advance technology. 

Safety is one of the major concerns of mining & automated technology adoption can be a best solution to overcome. Still India is in lower end of technology.

In mining and mineral in India will give you a platform to interact with technology provider & mining & mineral industry to update on each side & high level of networking to add value finding of hidden business opportunities.

India is one of the mineral rich countries like Australia, South Africa, South America, and Antarctica etc, all of which formed a continuous landmass prior to the breaking up of Gondwanaland. It also has some features similar to the mineral rich Canadian shield of North America.

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy in the mining sector after liberalisation in 1997, opened up an “automatic approval” route for investments involving foreign equity participation up to 50% in mining projects, and up to 74% in services incidental to mining.

The FDI in the mining sector for all non-atomic and non-fuel minerals have now been fully opened up to 100% through the automatic route including diamonds and precious stones.


 Global largest producer of mica blocs and splittings

« World’s 3 largest Producer of chromite

« 3rd in the production of coal, lignite, barytes

« 4th in the production of iron -ore

« 6th in the production of bauxite and manganese ore

« 10th in the production of Aluminium


The International Conference on Mining & Minerals in India is must for all Steel, Iron Ore, Aluminum, Zinc, Copper and

Coal Mining Sectors to enhance their hidden Business Opportunities. The participants’ will certainly benefit themselves from High-Quality Information sharing & networking opportunities through key government officials, decision makers & experts in global

  • To understand the Government Policy towards mining & mineral Development
  • The New Mining Bill – Impact & consequences
  • Key challenges & solution to enhance the mineral production & meet the demand supply gap @ 2015
  • How to optimize the non-Ferrous metals: Zinc, Lead, Copper etc
  • To take Investors view on opportunity and risk in the mining market in 2013-14
  • Can India (The 2nd Largest Deposits of REE) will be able to fill the drop-off In China’s Export?
  • Role of New & Advance equipment for Metallic & Non-Metallic Minerals Mining?
  • Bottleneck of Mineral production & distribution system in India
  • Practices to avoid barriers in green supply chain management In Indian Mining Industry
  • Future perspective of Mineral Production & Geological survey in India
  • Need of Automation Solutions and services to meet the growing demand of Mining Industry
  • To Make an excellent Platform to Interact & Network with
  • Industry Expert, Government official & decision Makers
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